Blog Post #1

1.) Hi, I’m Isabel!! I’m undecided in the college of liberal arts, considering communication, education, or global interdisciplinary studies as my major. I’m on the women’s club basketball team here at nova and I love to follow our school sports too! Off the court, I love movies, music, and photography.


2.) I am taking this course because I have a passionate interest in special education and life skills education. I’m hoping this course will offer me more insight and knowledge of disabilities. I hope to gain more understanding for the different types of disabilities, the psychology beyond the surface of a disability, and more.


3.) Although I am technically a member of level I was unable to attend many of the events this past semester so I’m excited to have a chance for more involvement this time around! I love working with people who have the same enthusiasm as I do for truly leveling the life playing field and making friends with people who have special needs. These disabilities do not put a ceiling on opportunities for each individual and I’m excited to help conquer the barrier so many people think exist between us!


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