Extension Blog Post

The extension I chose to present to the class was an article stemmed from Uganda. It discusses the experiences people with disabilities encounter in Africa and I think we could draw on this in comparison to other nations, like Germany and the United States. I was drawn to find a situation related to Africa because I think that Uganda is a hard place to live as a person without disabilities as it is so I wondered how extreme and devastating it is for an individual with disabilities. It is common for people in Africa and even immediate family to regard a disability as a misfortune and that individual as useless to the whole community life. There is no opportunity to be educated properly if you have a disability and therefore no hope for anyone to be successful or acknowledged as a person with meaning and contribution. This Disability Rights Fund article really touched on the topic of the day because it sheds light on the situation and lifestyle of an individual with a disability in a specific part of the world, Uganda.

In class, many of my peers were shocked to find how brutal the people are in Uganda towards those with disabilities. Certain lines like these “My father would shout at me that I was just stupid… If you have a disability and you cannot do these chores, you are considered useless to the family and community… that blind girl, uh, what will she have to say?” really prompted empathy in concern in my audience as they were appalled by the horrible living situation in Uganda. We all agreed upon the solutions presented in the article especially on a global scale because these solutions can be implemented universally. Nations need to execute grassroots awareness and make the population aware of people with disabilities and the rights they deserve. The role of the government and access to education are also extremely important because these components can directly alter the course of one’s life. With education comes opportunity and with government intervention comes freedom and avoidance of discrimination. I think its important to spread knowledge about physical and mental disabilities and I hope organizations like the disability rights fund and more will continue to work towards making life easier for people with those disabilities.

Here is the link to my extension article! Feel free to browse it again or check out other articles on the site! It’s really interesting and informative and it’s things like this that begin the process of spreading awareness internationally.



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