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     As it was my first Casino night, I thought it was a hit. I didn’t really have any expectation to what it would be like but it was more amazing than I could have imagined. Just the mere amount of people that showed up to participate and support combined will all of the fabulous donations, food, and games made the night exciting in itself. I am really proud to have contributing and been a part of such an amazing event. The pavilion was the perfect location, being physically accessible for all, with no stairs, plenty of tables, and lots of space.

         Working in my one on one level sessions this semester has further proved to be how disabilities to not cap potential and opportunity. People with disabilities are just as intelligent if not more intelligent than people without disabilities. Casino night epitomized this because every individual with a physical or mental disability still participated in all of the carnival games and all of the gambling games. The gambling card games aren’t as easy as they look, I’m pretty sure the only one I know how to play is blackjack, yet everyone at the event, disability or not, participating in these card games. It made me so happy and content to see such a large crowd of people come together and unite for a good cause and for some classic casino shenanigans.

         Finally, after listening to the voices of individuals with a disability, not just at Casino Night but all throughout the semester, it could not be clearer to be that facing society and people’s perspectives is one of their biggest challenges each day. The struggle doesn’t come from doing everyday activity and getting from place to place or reading a book but it comes from the way people see you from the outside. Most often people with disabilities are talked about rather than talked to or talked to as if they were 10 years younger than they actually are. Things like this are so degrading and disrespectful. I wish that more people would be aware and educated about what it means to have a disability so that these individuals don’t have to feel uncomfortable. Events like Casino night and organizations like level have done a great job is spreading the word and especially awareness about people with disabilities and I hope that they will continue to do so.



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